Summer is fast approaching and the humidity is setting in, so let’s talk about something that plagues us all this time of year…Our hair. Being half Portuguese, I was “blessed” with very thick, very dense hair that has a mind entirely of it’s own. I have always struggled with what the weather does to my head, resulting in tresses that have always been completely unpredictable! I’ve tried everything that there is to combat it, from thinning my hair out, to aloe infused shampoos and conditioners, even chopping it all off! (Side note- Don’t do that, it doesn’t fix it lol). I fell in LOVE with Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioners when they were introduced to me by my hairstylist, my hair was the softest and silkiest it’s ever been! It became more manageable and over time I found myself able to style it instead of just throwing it back into whatever messy shapeless bun I could muster. The product smells how I can only imagine Heaven would, adding to the blissful grooming experience. The catch? The bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner retail for $23/ea and that’s just too pricey for this working mama! I tried and compared a lot of “Moroccan Oil” knock offs but they just weren’t the same and my hair wound up feeling dry. I had been ruined! I had the itch, I now knew that luscious locks like those spinning girls in the Tresemme commercials were actually attainable! I knew that I had to find something comparable, but my chances were looking pretty dismal at this point.  

Enter- Argan Oil of Morocco. I found these gems on a whim at a local CVS and decided to give them a whirl! They were $7.99/ea, for a 13 fl oz bottle chopping the salon product price in half, and let me tell you they worked just as well! My hair reacted the same as it did to the high end products, and I later found them at Target for as low as $5.79- even better! If you have a BJ’s Wholesale membership you can typically find the shampoo and conditioner packaged together for around $17.99-$22.99, these are 19.5 fl oz bottles and sometimes they come with a bonus product to try (hence the varying price) and it’s the best deal I’ve found on them to date. The products give off this delicious Vanilla and Amber smell, which totally zens me out after a long day, without being overwhelming. I don’t even notice a difference from the salon stuff and it doesn’t pull my color. If you want to give them a try, without committing, they sell TSA approved travel size bottles (3 fl oz) for $2.50 at the Christmas Tree Shop! The price of beauty doesn’t have to be painful ladies!