What woman doesn’t lust after longer, fuller, more voluminous lashes? Let’s be honest here, we have all gone to crazy lengths for the perfect lash look. Lash styling has become sort of an art form, really, when you think of the countless ways the trend has developed and enhanced over time. From the days of those torture device-esc eyelash curlers, to eyelash lifting, and now even extensions! We have grown and developed the steps required to look and feel fabulous! I personally have a set of natural lashes that I’m pretty proud of so I opted for a less permanent option and decided to try out the One Two Lash magnetic lashes. The idea is that these lashes come in top sets and bottom sets that sandwich around your natural lash, they are then held in place by magnetic strips located near your eyelid. I had a couple of curiosities  starting out, like would the magnets keep a strong hold in longer term wear? Would the magnets pinch my eyelids? Lastly, would the lashes themselves stay in tact? Welp, only one way to find out!

My first time putting them on was effortless, and they did exactly as they said they would. I did however learn that magnets were too strong to simply lay on top of your lashes until you line up the bottom. Upon trying this I found that the top row would follow the pull of the magnet and slide so I recommend holding down the top set until the magnets are attached. Be careful not to line the magnets up too closely to your lash line, as it does pinch slightly! Great! So I’ve put them on, I’ve blended them with my natural lash and I an happy as a clam. First impression gets a big thumbs up, but it’s easy to be happy when they’re fresh out of the packaging! I committed to rocking these falsies for 7 consecutive days, sometimes for as long as 12 straight hours. Here’s what happened,

Day One:

My One Two Lashes are flawless! Most of my coworkers were shocked to find out I was wearing them and truly just thought my mascara was particularly wonderful today. So they passed as the real deal? Fantastic! They lasted the entire 16 hours of wear without loosening or sliding too!

Day Two:

I am still totally feeling this look, magnets are holding tightly, and I am pleasantly surprised to see them last my entire shift without any movement a second day in a row.

Day Three:

My magnets are still holding strong, but I am starting to notice some fraying on the One Two Lashes, they still look great, but they aren’t as neat and natural looking I’m a little disappointed to see this on only day 3.

Day Four: I have to express my sincere surprise and amazement with these and the fact that that are keeping their magnetic hold throughout the day!

Day Five: Woops, I fell asleep for a quick cat nap in my falsies! Much to my surprise, only one side came off! They even held through my tossing and turning. They really are starting to look worn down though. On the positive side, my order came with two sets of lashes, just unfortunate to spend so much and only get 5 or so wears out of the product.

Day Six: By now I am completely confident in the quality of the magnets used for this product. I am floored by there long lasting hold and ability to stay put no matter what I do!

Day Seven: Let’s take a look at a side by side of what one entire week of wear looks like on these bad boys shall we? There was minimal touching, I think I literally only ever touched them to put them on and take them off at the end of the day, I was mindful as ever to keep my hands away from my face during this process for full effect, Because of the strong hold, I never had to re apply either. Yet the set on the left is significantly messier and more wild.


Above, I’ve added the link for the page for ordering if these are something that tickle your fancy! I purchased the accent set but One Two Lash also carries both Original and Bold lashes for those of you who are more comfortable going that bold! I definitely love how easy they are to apply, I just wish that they were more durable!