There are so many different forms of skin care but it can be hard to find out exactly what works for you individually. It took me years to figure out that I was working with a normal to oily skin type, and even longer to match that need with the proper facial cleanser. One of the biggest things that I’ve always struggled with while washing my face, is what to wash it with. I’ve never been a fan of face cloths you use them once and they basically have to go into the hamper or you wind up washing your face with a musky, moldy smelling towel and the smell transfers to your face. You can’t wash your face without face cloth because there’s nothing to help exfoliate the dead skin. I started looking into facial cleansing brushes and I was so surprised by the pricing on them! There were all sorts of different brushes in different styles for varying prices anywhere from around $15 to $150. I can think of countless occasions where I picked up one of these facial brushes where I picked up one of these facial brushes would every intention to buy it, only to put it back the for reaching check out. No matter how many times I went through this dance I couldn’t justify spending that kind of money on something as frivolous as a facial brush! I mean come on, I think we all go through it a little bit, there’s a constant mom struggle trying to choose between ourselves or  that new pair of sneakers your little one needs for that neat toy they find that they just have to have. No matter who you are or where you are if your mommy on a budget  you’re always going to put your family first! which is why it’s so awesome that I found this great alternative! (Pictured)


One day while bargain hunting at my local Five Below I came across this facial brush and do you know how much it cost me? $5.99! It suited all of the purposes that the other brushes said they did, I never have to keep track of where all of the inserts are because it only has one. It runs on both a low and a high setting, and leaves you feeling fresh is a daisy once you’ve completed your morning or evening ritual!

  Here are some of the comparative items:

If you’re in the market for a cleansing system with a set of interchangeable tips, or something you can engrave your name in (lol this is actually an option on one of them) then those are for you, but I’ll stick with my $5.99 brush that does exactly what it needs to!