I finally made it is guys and dolls, and if you’re reading here this is my big debut!

Diving into a blog is a task I have often set my intentions on, but I never really knew where to start or exactly how I fit into the spectrum of informing people about things. Don’t get me wrong when it comes to storytelling, entertaining, or talking in general I’m definitely your gal! But a blogger? Well…Why not? I’m Brittany a 28 year old mom, entrepreneur, friend, daughter, lover- blogger! I live in Newport RI with my amazingly supportive boyfriend Chris who has really had a hand in helping to get the ball rolling and making all of this into a reality for me (thanks honey!). Together we are raising one crazy cool little girl named Emma, who is pretty much the bee’s knees, and my life basically consists of awesome people accompanied by great adventures!

I come from a long line of non make-up wearers, so naturally I found myself drawn to make-up artistry with no real circle of influence or resources to learn from. This meant that I had to really pick up the reins and drive myself to learn what I hadn’t been taught. I spent countless hours on YouTube, reading beauty tip articles-  you know the kind you find in the cash wrap in your local grocery store? And even more hours practicing. Let me tell you, it was not always “pretty”! There were mistakes, really cringe-worthy moments and a whole lot of trial and error. Honestly? I didn’t even know doing your eyebrows was a “thing” until a year or so back now, or that there were so many different kinds of cosmetic brushes suiting different purposes. I try pretty hard to put those dark times behind me but I think it’s important to always remember where you started.

I couldn’t be more excited to share this crazy journey with you, and I’d love for this blog to serve a purpose, empowering women everywhere! Maybe you need the same help that I did, maybe you’re already a skilled makeup artist, or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle. The bottom line is, we all started somewhere and we are all beautiful! So I’ll be right here, surviving makeup with you every step of the way. I’ll post everything from basic need-to-know information, how to create your perfect look, to product reviews and even funny stories of my epic failures (maybe even pictures if you’re lucky)!

Thanks for taking the time to grow with me! Let the adventures begin!


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