I am always looking for low maintenance ways to do my hair, and truthfully? Styling is not something I have ever been good at. And as most of my beauty experiences go, I’m a total newb. My hair is naturally pin straight to the point that people think I straighten it so I own a couple of basic curling irons, a tapered wand and some good old-fashioned foam curlers to try giving it some oomf! While I was shopping at my local CVS this week I found these “Soft Curlers” that looked like they’d be pretty easy to use, and they advertised being great for curling wet or dry hair so I scooped them up and thought “why not?”.

  My first attempt with these curlers was with dry hair (pictured right). I think it’s worthy to note that if you prefer tighter curls you should definitely purchase more than one package, but I was going for a loser more natural curl. It was a messy attempt, let me tell you. I put the curlers in my hair before bed, and they were very difficult to work with while my hair was dry. The curlers are made of a silky kind of material so they were slippery and didn’t hold well. The packaging says “comfortable to sleep in”- I tell you..They were not. Two of them fell out after about 30 mins, I really wanted to give it the good old college try, so I had to get up and put them back in. When I woke up the next morning I was saddened to learn that they just didn’t work.

It was discouraging, to say the least. Nevertheless, I went on to try them again – this time with damp hair. I took a shower before bed and went to sleep with my hair in a bun knowing full well that my super thick locks would still be wet come morning. When I woke up I placed the curlers in my hair while I went about my usual makeup routine and then hit them with my blow dryer!

I didn’t have particularly high hopes, and I’d say overall that they had only been in my hair for a total of 30 mins. The curlers were easier to put into my wet hair, and none of them budged or fell out. When my head felt dry enough, I took a deep breath and took them out, let my hair fall and just ran my fingers through.

I was very pleasantly surprised with the curls I wound up with! They were full and bouncy, and they held most of the day! Where I had expected a natural curl, they were a little more glamorous looking, which wasn’t a bad thing! Overall, I would use them again, and I’d recommend them to all of you other beauties with the warning that it may take a few attempts to figure out how they work best for you! With that being said, I am most definitely continuing my search for an easier way to glam my hair up and as soon as I find the end-all-be-all of products you’ll know! Until then, we’ll just keep on this crazy adventure together!